Organize. Communicate. Grow.

The features you need to take your firm to the the next level.

The Gather clipper tool.

Clip & Collect Products & Inspiration

Gather makes it easy to add the furniture, accessories, and inspiration you need to your Interior Design projects.

  • Checkmark icon. Collect items from your favorite websites with our Chrome plugin.
  • Checkmark icon. Import items directly from your favorite web services.
  • Checkmark icon. Search for images directly from Gather.
The Gather grid view.

Organize & Visualize

Visually see your whole project at a glace. Compare how items look together. Drag, rearrange, re-organize and toggle your way to a better design.

  • Checkmark icon. Organize projects by area/room and type (ie. task chair)
  • Checkmark icon. Visually compare products and decide which one is right.
  • Checkmark icon. Customize the way you see you visualize your project.
Photo of Camille Henderson, Principal Interior Designer at Niche.

My boutique interior design firm started using the Gather App about a year and a half ago and now I can’t imagine doing my job without it.

It’s a simple, intuitive tool that helps us keep track of the concepts we’re developing for clients and the endless stream of details that come along the way.

Camille Henderson - Principal Interior Designer @ Niche

The Gather chat view.

Communicate & Collaborate.

Gather gets you out of your email and organizes all communications around the projects and objects they belong to. Track down any conversation thread in seconds.

  • Checkmark icon. Share a project with your client, and thrill them with your vision.
  • Checkmark icon. Add team members and work together collaboratively.
  • Checkmark icon. Powerful commenting that keeps your client and team connected.
The Gather chat view.

Keep a close eye on every detail.

By keeping all the nitty-gritty details of product selections together in one thoughtful and cohesive place, you stay efficient and organized.

  • Checkmark icon. Attach images, notes, and specifications to any item.
  • Checkmark icon. Specify upholstery with images, information, and pricing.
  • Checkmark icon. Upload and store files with any item (Tear-Sheets, CAD, Revit, ect.).
The Gather pricing module.

Stay on top of pricing & budgets.

Let Gather take care of those tricky product calculations. Instantly see your product spend, discount, markup, tax and shipping numbers as they change in real-time.

  • Checkmark icon. Add detailed pricing information to every item.
  • Checkmark icon. See your total project spend in real-time.
  • Checkmark icon. Watch calculations happen instantly.
Photo of Doug McKenzie  Objekts LLC.

Gather is a great solution for collecting, managing and tracking our product specifications. It keeps us organized and eliminates many of the hassles of our old server-based system.

Doug McKenzie - Partner @ Objekts LLC

Exported Gather documents.

Generate & print beautiful documents.

With Gather you are always just seconds away from amazing looking spec sheets with only the information you want on them.

  • Checkmark icon. Export and print detailed presentation docs on-the-fly.
  • Checkmark icon. Use your company logo for that professional touch.
  • Checkmark icon. Clean and beautiful design that will make you look great to your client.
The Gather Library view.

Build a personalized resource library.

Imagine having all the products you've ever collected in one easy-to-access place. With our Library feature, you've got everything at your fingertips ready to re-specify.

  • Checkmark icon. See every item you’ve ever added to Gather in one place.
  • Checkmark icon. Quickly search and filter your entire library to find that perfect item.